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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  November 25, 2009 6:00pm-6:58pm EST

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starts now. no verdict after five days the jury in mayor dixon's trial cannot reach an agreement. hello everybody. here is what people are talking about tonight. >> a flurry of action but still no verdict. the deliberations have dragged on longer than the trial itself. the mayor and the city watch and wait to find out what will happen. we have complete coverage. we have the new analysis from the jury. mary has the latest from the
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courtroom. >> reporter: 33 hours is not enough for this jury. they did not reach a verdict. they want more time to try to see if they can. the jury deliberations will resume monday right here at 9:00 a.m.. >> the note reads your honor, can we please leave and come back on monday. it reminds them he left knowing she'll have to wait until after the thanksgiving holiday to learn her fate. >> we'll be back here for day six of deliberation. >> the jury is trying to decide whether or not the mayor stole or used gift cards and sent them to buy a camcorder. dixon is accused of giving some to her staff. juror number 11 requested
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transcripts from fanan and the mayor's boyfriend just to claire fie the facts. >> it means the jury is actively involved in deliberation. they are trying to resolve conflict between different jurors. you get to hear the truth of what occurred in the courtroom. >> he allowed jurors to watch back on dvd the testimony of mary fanan and parable testimony from edward anthony. all of this happening on the fifth day of deliberations, which are equal to the length of trial. >> we are at the jury's beck and call at this point. >> reporter: i'm mary, back to you. >> thank you so much.
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complete coverage continues with legal analysis of today's development. >> the mayor made it to the board that spent much of the day in court and deliberations have been long. that is not unheard of in cases like this. despite the defense saying -- the deliberations will go on next week. the prosecution scored a victory, successfully arguing the case should not be declared a mistrial although they did not get the verdict they wanted, a got verdict. >> they have not said they are debt locked unless and until they do the judge is right to let things keep going. >> and they reviewed the first
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substantive note september in days. he says there is nothing unusual about dvd's of testimony being prepared for the jury's review. >> often there is a dish in recollection of just what they witness said. >> deliberations have lasted longer than testimony. they publicly said they were not concerned about that link or any of the many notes jurors sent they clearly are calling the jury's task insurmountable and impossible. >> they would like to get it without a guilt finding. one way to do that is with a mistrial. >> reporter: the courtroom will remain empty until next week. >> and the mayor has said she has been relying on her faith to get through this. we should also note when the
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jury resumes deliberations on monday the jury will allow media access. >> and stay with us for complete coverage of the trial and the team of reporters following every aspect of this case. and at this hour tens of thousands of marylanders are heading out of town. this is on route 29. traffic has been steady but not terrible for most of the day. we have complete coverage for you. bob is updating the first warning forecast. first we begin with more on the big rush. >> reporter: drivers should be ware traffic will be heavy. >> the food, family and friends
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and the football. >> congested and people are driving too fast and too wreckless and i'm staying home. >> reporter: that unlike more than 38 million americans who are expected to travel 50-miles or more this holiday including 800,000 the figures show an increase. >> it is an increase over last year. >> reporter: gas prices are 30% higher than last year. not only are more traveling, most who do will be driving. >> you will go the cheapest way you can this holiday. >> it is worth the travel to go see my family. >> 86% will be driving. >> 73,000 are opting for an alternative. it is the airport travelers
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seem to be ditching. only 52 are projecting. airport goers when crowds await them. many folks anticipated the wait. >> we left for plenty of people for parking and check-in line. >> reporter: and authorities recommend packing patience. >> take time and recognize we are all in the same boat. >> and law enforcement agencies will be adding patrols throughout the weekend to make sure everyone is as safe as possible. >> thank you very much. complete coverage continues now with tim williams with an updated look at the forecast. >> it is kind of cloudy. we have seen moonlight.
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most of the roads are dry at this point. that is good news. we do have low clouds still. there have been areas to the west and south. we are getting breaks in the cloud cover. it looks like we may see sunshine and warmer temps. we have more for the entire region. >> it comes with a bit of a cost but only for a short time. we do have drier air moving in. we are already seeing a break in the clouds. looks like it should be a pretty dry day. there is a chance for showers with another bit of a disturbance moving in tomorrow into friday. with that and the passage of a cold front out to the west there is a winter storm watch in effect for the far edge of allegheny county. 1 to 3 inches of snow could be
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potentially accumulating out there. it is only for an area where the elevation is highest and the air is coldest. for the rest of us we'll start to see improvement. we'll have your forecast coming up. >> okay. thank you very much. check in for complete coverage and the weather situation. for updates log onto wjz .com. and today is the kick off to the holiday shopping season. retailers are not sure how strong sales will be on this black friday. >> reporter: doors open at best buy at 5:00 a.m. on this black friday. >> some just sit in their cars until the lines start to form. >> reporter: it shows retailers are more positive this year despite a struggling economy. >> reporter: they say the difference between this season and last season is the bottle
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is half full, not half empty. >> those who come and get this line and are ready to spend the money, we printed up tickets to make sure they stood in line to get one of the products they stood in line to get. >> reporter: and they literally guide the customer to the cash register. >> i will be finding christmas gifts, movies and cd's and all that stuff. >> reporter: and 134 million people will shop this holiday weekend, up 4.7%. the amount may be lower. families will spend an average of $680 this holiday season. it is down from last year. department stores are expected to be the biggest attraction and four out of every 10 people plan to buy gifts at electronic
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stores. >> and ipods, these are office big sellers. >> and with all of this talk about the holiday weekend don't forget about cyber monday. it is the unofficial kick off. i'm jessica, wjz eyewitness news. and marylanders are expected to spend $19 billion this holiday season. in less than a week president obama will lay out his plan for the war in iraq. >> reporter: the president is expected to call for additional 30 to 40,000 troops to go to afghanistan. during his address president obama is expected to put a lot of emphasis on bringing the conflict to a close. he is not expected to lay out a
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specific timetable. back to you. >> thanks. you can watch it next tuesday at 8:00 p.m. right here. and still to come tonight, trouble on wheels, a major recall involving millions of popular vehicles. is yours on the list? >> and coming up next ... >> christian was adopted from a chinese orphanage. still ahead, the surprise that could change his life forever. paying the ultimate price, remembering a soldier killed in combat in afghanistan. and is the rain over? stick around for the forecast coming right up.
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a man became the 845th soldier to die in afghanistan. he grew up in boston but recently moved to maryland. >> reporter: he grew up in boston and recently moved. >> these are the best soldiers america can produce. they have special forces soldiers. >> he died early monday near the border.
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>> an ied went off. he joined the military in 2002. his not his first deployment overseas. >> he earned a purple heart and bronze star. >> reporter: chris coughlin was killed the week before. >> his whole life changed after 9/11. he felt he had a commitment to his country. >> reporter: before he left left pucino asked he be buried at arlington national cemetery. we would like you to take a look at this man.
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it happened at the kohl's store. and today is marked more by shopping in maryland. while the focus is christmas the purpose is to help young lives. >> reporter: he has been bringing his two-year-old son every day for weeks. down syndrome left the boy unable to eat. >> he wasn't eating anything by mouth. now he is taking pure ray's off of spoons and he is gaining a lot more weight than he was. so they are doing really good with him. >> reporter: helping kids is what they do. >> we have a wide range of challenges and very unique things that is not always easily treatable in their home area. they come from many places to get that specialized care here.
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>> and it is christmas trees that help pay for that care. this is the 20th year where decklated trees are donated and sold. >> such a good cause. it is a great organization and an easy way to help. >> and last year a million dollars was raised. it makes a difference all yearlong. >> just to be in this program is a pleasure and a joy and really a god send. without this i don't know what we would do. wjz is part of the extravaganza and toy trains gardens. for more information go to wjz .com and click on local news. >> i still have a wreath that i
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bought there. >> it is late tomorrow night and friday morning when you shop that we might see some rain. take a look at temps around the region. it is 51 and dew point is 51. that means humidity is at 100%. we'll take a look at the thanks giving and weekend forecasts coming up.
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and see that moon and some clouds around. we have gotten rid of some of the clouds. no wind at all. we have high humidity. there is a good chance if you don't see any wind fog will probably form. the clouds will come back down on the ground. tomorrow looks much better. we'll get a breeze and a front approaching. let's take a look at temps. it is 54 today. not a bad place to be. 53 and 32 are the averages this
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time of year. 18 above zero in 1956. not this year, at least not right here. gash let county look for snow showers to pick up in the afternoon. you may see a couple of inches out there. east of the mountains no. it is 51 here and 54 in ocean city. we are not seeing any real movement of these clouds. we have just enough dry air to see breaks in the cloud cover. out to the west a weak front passing to the north. you can see the flow coming in. low clouds but this next system out across chicago land will bring us a few showers by tomorrow night with the second front. we do expect to see shower activity into early friday morning. you black friday shoppers
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around 4:00, 5:00, 6:00 a.m. friday morning temps will be chilly, around 40 degrees. dress for that. we should clear out. it will turn cooler for friday and at least a portion of saturday and for the rest are of the weekend it will kind of warm up. the bay temp around 53. cloudy skies, maybe late night fog can form. 41 tomorrow. back up to morning 50s and partly sunny skies. most of the afternoon should be dry and with some sunshine. late tomorrow night is when we have the chance of showers moving back into the week. >> thank you. and all right. 11 weeks down. jessica is live to update the
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standings. >> and tim williams is standing here with me. still in the lead 117 points. marty right there with 110 and i have 109. tim is also near the top of the overall standing. the real winner this week, he wins a $50 gift certificate, james jester. click on the link at the top of the home page. you have to beat tim williams. still to come, thankful on this thanksgiving, a good ending to the kidnapping of a one month old baby. and a driver made an illegal left turn killing a
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student. i have that story coming up on eyewitness news. . cold-blooded crime. a man stabbed to death. . this is mark with the ravens. it is steeler week. we'll hear what the team has to say about the upcoming clash with the biggest rival. and maryland wraps up the tournament. i'll have highlights wheny witness news continues.
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it is just before 6:30 and mainly cloudy. here are some of the stories people are talking about, a massive recall of millions of cars. toyota is urging people to bring their cars in to fix a potentially deadly problem. the gas pedal can get stuck leading to fatal crashes. toyota announced it will shorten the gas pedal on 4 million cars and trucks as well
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as certain models under the lexus brand because the accelerator will get stuck around the floor mat. >> we are approaching the intersection. we are approaching the intersection. the government has attributed at least five deaths to stuck accelerators. it is making smaller pedals that won't get caught under the floor mat. toyota announcing a more -- the
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auto maker claims to install a feature that will be standard on future toyota models and could be adopted by other car companies down the road. >> we would expect to see these be increasingly popular in the future. >> reporter: they are telling drivers to step on the brake and shift into neutral to disengage the transmission. >> toyota plans to make brake override systems standard equipment by the end of 2010. police are looking for a killer after a young man is found stabbed to death. we are live with details on this crime. >> the victim was visiting friends and family when he was killed. he was found dead with multiple stab wounds last week. police were called to skippers lane where his body was found.
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he was last seen leave -- he is in edge water before his family moved to california after his sophomore year. he faces criminal charges. following the story and explains a grand jury is being serviced. >> and prosecutors worried they didn't have enough evidence and witnesses to put the truck's owner behind the wheel. now the grand jury says the case is ready. >> convicted nine times despite a suspended license. prosecutors say he was the one driving the truck seen here
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when it hit frankl on october 16th. he said he wasn't driving his truck but witnesses say they saw him earlier that day driving erratically. one man even called 911. >> he blasted through and went all through the three red lights. >> reporter: he has been indicted on multiple charges of leaving an accident and driving on a suspended license. is there enough to get a conviction? there is also information that became known to prosecutors and they were very confident going to the grand jury yesterday. >> the frankl family says new charges will not bring her back we are relieved he has been charged with these more serious
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offenses. the indictment is welcomed news. >> i am glad he did. he probably did it and this is the way it needed to work out. >> reporter: if convicted he could face up to 35 years in prison. wjz eyewitness news. the state fire marshall says a man has been charged with detonating a soda bottle bomb. the 24-year-old is charged with possession of a destructive device. no one was hurt in the explosion. a teenager believed he had been abandoned by his birth parents. jessica has the exclusive story. the reunion of a teenager
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is nothing short of a miracle pulled off by his adoptive parents. she adopted him from a chinese orphanage. >> he was found under an overpass. >> reporter: he wanted answers. >> they left me and they abandoned me. >> when he turned 14 he really started to seriously talk about finding his birth parents. >> from her home julia searchings tensively contacting an organization that searches for missing children. >> i got an e-mail back they found him. >> his father says they got separated on route from their small town to a local village. he search frantically but never saw his little boy again. >> my heart just broke.
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as a mom your heart immediately aches for that mom and dad what they went through. >> reporter: they boarded a flight to china, a chinese tv station flu his family to beijing for the dramatic reunion. >> the birth father began crying and saying something in chinese and went down on his knees. >> i don't see them as my parents. they are strangers to me. >> having your son missing for 11 years and finding out he is alive. and not only alive, he is thriving here and they have no idea. >> reporter: the two families spent the next several days in china putting the pieces of his past back together. >> when you went back to the town where you lived for the first six or seven years of your live what did you feel? >> i had been given a really
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good family. >> do they think of me or am i lost and forgotten? all of these questions get answered when they seek out their biological parents. >> and they family bond has grown stronger. >> i might have her physical feature but i have her character and her heart. >> they keep in touch with his chinese family via e-mail. and still to come, high speed drama, see how this police chase comes to an end. unthinkable crime, a teen set on fire. tonight his mother talks ant his long road to recovery. and will we see the sun again?
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i have that in the five day forecast. >> and wjz is always on. log onto wjz .com.
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a teen speaks out about his recovery. >> he suffered second and third degree burns after five of the middle school classmates set him on fire following an argument. they say his son suffered deep third degree burns. his mom says he still remains sedated and is in intense pain. recently his parents got to celebrate some good news. >> we had gone outside for the first time and somebody was walking up. he says in his little whisper voice, can i have a dollar? i want a milk shake and fries. it was quite cute. definitely daddy ran out and got a milk shake and fries.
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>> reporter: he is scheduled to under go his first skin graft next week. three of the five teens have been charged and pleaded not guilty. and a dramatic high speed police chase unfolds. take a look. speeds in excess of 120 miles per hour. the chase lasted for nearly 30 minutes before the driver struck a guardrail and lost control. the driver bailed out and was arrested on the spot. a south carolina family has plenty to be thankful for after the safe return of their one month old baby. the fbi held a news conference where gifts were presented to the baby and her parents. she was kidnapped on monday. police arrested a young woman on kidnapping charges. no word on a motive. more evidence of the
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dangers of consuming too much salt. we have details. >> reporter: high salt intake can raise the risk of cardiovascular disease and stroke. the new study found a difference of 5-grams of daily salt intake gave a 23% increase. the researchers estimate reducing daily fat intake by 5- grams around the world could prevent more than 1 million stroke deaths every year. and seniors who take antidepressants and sedatives may be at increase of falls. more than 03 -- falls and they complications are the fifth leading cause of death. the study is published in
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the archives of internal medicine. on display at the robot exhi big 2009 today. it has been held in japan since 1973 be nearly 200 companies for participating this year. >> they came with the neat light sabers too. and we have a preview of what's coming up next. and the u.s. is trillions of dollars in debt. why are some adding hundreds of millions to the pentagon bums for projects the military doesn't even want? and here is a look at tonight's closing numbers from wall street. we'll be right back.
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you can tell when a salad's fresh express... ...and when it's not fresh express. at fresh express, we harvest every tender leaf at the peak of freshness, ...then capture that natural goodness for salads so consistently fresh and delicious... ...they're guaranteed. fresh express. consistently, deliciously fresh. things are finally clearing up. what is in store for thanksgiving day? tim williams has a more detailed look at what we can
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expect tomorrow. >> a detailed look will include a drier day. 41 degrees going down tonight. tomorrow sunshine finally breaking through the clouds. daytime highs get up into the mid-to upper 50s. tomorrow night back down into the 40s and a chance of showers late tomorrow night into friday. for more on that we send it into bob. >> and black friday shoppers early friday morning could be little rain and breezy, 39 degrees or so. dress for that. sunshine returns saturday, sunday and monday, 53, 56 and 60. not a bad end to the november forecast. and coming up on entertainment tonight donnie did it. he is the gnu dancing with the
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stars champion. we have his celebration with his sister, marie. >> she shared the moment with our mary heart. >> let's say how we feel, okay? [ screaming ] >> this is one of the most nerve racking experiences and he is your brother. >> and we saw how greatful they are. >> donnie, donnie, kim, you guys, spectacular. >> thank you. [ laughter ] >> and you know what? you so deserve it. >> thank you so much. >> and marie put down her mike and the two quietly spoke from their hearts. she tells him you are wonderful. he tells her you set the bar. >> oh, you two. >> i am so happy for you.
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>> come on, don't kill our image. and why is jane fonda in a wheelchair? and we'll get you in the holiday spirit with new christmas bloopers. and still to come tonight it is a team baltimore loves to hate. >> we have the latest for preparations on sunday's boss: ah! thank goodness you're back.
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gecko: what's going on, sir? boss: we're slammed. tons of people interested in all the money they could be saving by switching to geico... gecko: yeah, 'course. boss: boy, did we miss you last week. that temp wasn't working out at all. exec: took me all morning but i got those quarterly figures for ... you.
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(hissing noise, gulping) gecko: aw, he ate all my mints. anncr: geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
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and you just mentioned steelers. >> they don't need anymore motivation than that. the ravens are in dire need of a victory on sunday. the opponent this time is pittsburgh, the ravens hated rival. it is considered the most intense in the nfl. ravens fans hate the steelers. there is one raven who can't wait to see them. >> i always try to get my bets in. i know all of the great hall of famers are watching. i know how many pittsburgh fans
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are out there. i'm like okay. if that's what you want to see we go at it. i think it is respect for the organization and the way the guys on the team uphold it. >> he missed practice today. there is college football on saturday. it is in the final game of the year, maybe the final game for coach. he prepares his team for the finale. they have two wins this season. as bad as it has been the coach says the effort is there. >> it is a special bunch. we will work as hard as we possibly can to win this game on saturday. >> if they fail to beat boston
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college it will be the tenth loss of the season, it would be the most in school history. and they are in hawaii, third game in three days. maryland down by 13 points. terps lost last night and this would be their second straight. the badgers would pull away down the stretch 78-69 is the final. the terps got a big ten opponent coming up in indiana. the terps finished fourth in hawaii. womens college basketball, a highlight from a rising star that is 6'8." she was a prep all american. she dunked in high school. she is the seventh female to dunk in a game. and this might be a bad
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omen for the ravens. leading the way a jock country in a yellow, the horse cruises to a win on a sloppy track. a horse named ray lewis challenged tomlin but we don't know that. >> it is just a horse. we'll be right back.
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